January 15th – Our 1st Blog post!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today our country pauses and reflects on the actions of a courageous man. Dr. King wasn’t a perfect man. Who is? But he was a man of great conviction and courage when it came to the civil rights movement. He led his great movement with peace, civility, and with Christ like meekness. Through his sacrifice our country is a more just and fair society today. Is all perfect? Of course not. We have a long way to go on race relations as a country. But Dr. King knew and we must not forget that this battle we fight must be won through the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we at the 96:3 Project pursue to bring the peace of Jesus Christ to the hearts of men may it also bring peace in the hearts of men as it pertains to racial reconciliation. After all, God created one race, the human race.